Australian Jesters

Australian Jesters


A very busy 36 hours for The Jesters who drove up from Cambridge on Sunday 8th August.  One car arrived at JDRTC at 8pm, and the other, after travelling via Prested Hall RTC (a rather indirect route!), at 9.30pm. Quick introductions where made between JDRTC and the Jesters with drinks and a meal to follow.

The match itself started on Monday and was keenly contested, with the visitors winning 4-2.

Perhaps this had something to do with their intensive play on the tour so far, which led them to be able to deal with the unfamiliarity of the Jesmond court.

The match was followed by drinks and dinner at the Quayside in Newcastle. Then they were off again to continue their tour back south, to Manchester on Tuesday morning to play again that afternoon. Full on for the tourists, but making the most of their time!