Club Ladies Championship 2019

Club Level Ladies Championship 2019

What a milestone Jesmond Dene have held their first ever Ladies Competition

This was enthusiastically received from our loyal lady players, with them all entering this level tournament.

This was a round robin format.

Our newest lady member Kerry Blaber took on the experienced Pippa Harrison and lost 0/8.

Kerry then took on Jane Hayes another experienced player.

Another defeat 1/8

Next up was Jane and Rachel.  Some very good game play from them both


Kerry then took on Rachel Bailey and managed to get a few more games, however still was defeated 4/8

Pippa then played Rachel and was storming ahead of the game to win 8/4

With Pippa leading the way in games won she then played Jane.  This was close all the way with most games going to deuce.  Jane managed to beat Pippa


So our overall winner for our very first Ladies Championship is

Pippa Harrison.


Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time and we look forward to many more lady competitions at JDRTC and look forward Fiona Harrison participating next year.