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Jesmond Dene Appeal for Country Members

Since the club was re-formed in the 80's the building has been owned by Newcastle City Council.  They have also been responsible for the update of the building on a full-repairing basis.  Unsurprisingly, the upkeep of a Real Tennis court has not been high on their list of priorities and, over the years, the building has been slightly neglected.

Present Day

As part of the Council sale of the land surrounding the club we have negotiated a 250 year lease with the Council for the court and the adjoining property (Pro's house).  The lease is at a peppercorn rent and there is an option to take over the freehold after five years.  To qualify for the freehold the club must complete all the works on the building that have been deemed as necessary by Council surveyors.  This work includes repairing the glass roof, updating all flashing on the roof and roof turrets, new electrics, new court lights, make good the dedans, make good the changing rooms and roof, improve access, make good the connected accommodation and a few more details that will be available in full in the future.

We estimate that the work will cost in the region of £200,000 and we hope to start the work this summer.  We have already raised a significant sum from our own members and are working with the T&RA who are keen to ensure the future of the court. 

However, we will still be short of our £200,000 target and are hoping that a large number of the RT community would help our appeal by becoming Country Members at an annual cost of £50.  With sufficient numbers we could use the annual income to furnish the cost of a loan to complete the works within the five year timeframe.

Thank you for any help that you can give

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