The current situation

The land surrounding the court is being sold by Newcastle City Council.  To avoid the court being sold with the land the club has agreed to take on a 250 year lease on a full-repairing basis.  As part of this agreement we have committed to substantial repairs to the building to ensure the future viability of the building and the club.  These repairs must be carried out in the first five years of the agreement and, if carried out to the satisfaction of all parties, the council will offer the club the freehold of the court and the attached house.

The works required include:

  • updating electrics
  • repair the roof - there are a few leaks which are becoming problematic
  • install adequate lighting
  • update the dedans
  • improve the changing room facilities
  • create a pro's room

We are raising funds from our own members and are also in talks with the T&RA.  We are looking at other funding opportunities but these are problematic due to the time constraints.

Charitable staus

Our application for charitable status is under way and we hope this process will be completed in the near future.

Request for help

We will be sending out, through the T&RA, a more detailed document outlining the work needed on the court and the amount we are aiming to raise.  Work will be started in June and take nine weeks with the court back in action in September for our Invitation Handicap Doubles tournament and Club Dinner.

If you are able to help us secure the future of the Newcastle court, all donations would be greatly appreciated.

All donors will be listed on a plaque to be installed in the renovated building.

How to donate

  • Become a country member at a cost of £50 per year - click this link - and click on Country Membership
  • Make a one-off contribution to the building renovation fund -
    • Cheques payable to JDRTC and sent to Matthew Bank, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 3RE
    • Online transfer.  Account number: 31330527.  Sort code: 40-34-18.  Please use your name as the reference so we know you have donated
    • Make a one-off payment through Paypal.  Click the link on the right

​​​​Thank you​​​​

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