MCC v JDRTC v Dedanists

JDRTC v M.C.C v Dedanists

A super weekend of top class tennis with a three-way match between JDRTC, M.C.C. and The Dedanists.

Emails had been toing and froing between Scott and Johnathan Ellis-Miller, team captain for both M.C.C and the Dedanists but, who unfortunately was unable to attend at the last minute so captainship was passed onto Simon Martin.

After some juggling a draw was made with each team playing a total of 10 matches over the 2 days.  The majority of these being doubles.

There was some very competitive tennis however the home team had the advantage winning 6 matches and M.C.C. and The Dedanists both winning 4.

Thank you to our visitors for a very enjoyable weekend.