Invitation Doubles 2018

The tournament included 16 pairs, each generally consisting of a Jesmond Dene member playing with an invitee from another club. We were delighted to welcome two guests from Holland, Theo Bollerman and Lucie Dekker. First round matches started on Friday evening, and continued throughout Saturday and Sunday morning, followed by quarter finals, semi finals, and final.

Overall, it was an excellent tournament, with some very close matches and very good tennis. Three of the four semi-finalists had had the best first round results and evidently continued to play well.

In the semi-finals, Simon Long (JDRTC) and Christie Marrian (Cambridge), handicap 46.5, beat Duncan Edwards (JDRTC) and Darren Spurling (JDRTC), 30.8, on the last point of the match 6/5. Paul Hetherington (JDRTC) and Nick Jeffries (RTC), 25.4, beat Pip Harrison (JDRTC) and Martin Hornby (Hatfield), 74.0, 6/2.

The final was between the only two unbeaten pairs, and was of high quality on every point, with very few unforced errors. Simon and Christie won 8/7, with Paul unable to return Simon’s serve at 40/15 in the last game. This was a victory for the pair that played most below their existing doubles handicap, Simon and Christie, against the lowest handicap pair in the competition, Paul and Nick.

The tournament was well-planned and run by Scott, Simon Harris and Simon Johnston. Thanks also to Kerry, Darcie and Eadie for food, flowers and support. And thanks to Pol Roger for providing the prizes